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Scientific Supply Services undertakes on-site qualitative and quantitative analyses for many different clients in various industries.


Scientific Supply Services is an OEM distributor for Vici and an accredited distributor for all Varian/Chrompack consumables.


Scientific Supply Services offers specialised chromatography training, available at your own premises, using all your equipment.

About SSS

Superior support in niche markets in Chromatography and related disciplines

Experienced & Accedited
Scientific Supply Services is based in Johannesburg and has been in operation since 1998 giving us over a decade of experience in the market. Contracted to Leco for GC support on their spectrometer systems, SSS continues to operate with a strong, professionally dedicated and experienced work force.

Scientific supply services are accredited specialists in training and distribution of various Varian and Chromopack consumables.

After co-authoring two international publications in Journal of Chromatography, Scientific Supply Services are constantly updated with the latest Chromatography training courses which are presented twice a year. Scientific Supply Services’ site offers more in depth information on these courses. Their comprehensive databases of separations cover an immense variety of industries.

Being in a network with a diverse range of analytical labs solving all separation problems, Scientific Supply Services’ core assistances include but are not limited to clinical chemistry analysis, petrochemical, gas, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and pesticide analysis.

More than 20 years’ experience in qualitative and quantitative analyses

Scientific Supply Services has extensive experience with on-site qualitative and quantitative analyses for clients across a broad range of industries. We are also in a position to network with a variety of analytical laboratories to solve your separation problems.

Our core expertise involves:

Pesticide Analysis
Pharmaceutical Analysis
Gas Analysis
Petrochemical Analysis
Clinical Chemistry Analysis

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Scientific Supply Services